Vice Chair
Telephone: +386-2-250-42-36
Mailing address: University of Maribor Law School Mladinska 9 2000 Maribor Slovenia
Website: Please click here

Law Degree - University of Maribor (mentor prof. dr. Rafael Cijan)
LL.M. - Central European University
(mentor prof. Michel Rosenfeld, Cardozo Law School, NY)
Ph.D. in Law - University of Maribor (mentor prof. Daniel H. Lowenstein of UCLA Law School)
Other Appointments: Fulbright Scholar: UCLA Law School (2003-2004); Lecturer: European Law School of Nova Gorica (2005-), School of Graduate Governmental and European Studies (2001-); Guest Lecturer: Washington State University (2007), University of Idaho (2007), University of Zagreb (2004), University of Pecs (2005).
Memberships and Fellowships: Member, State Election Commission of Republic of Slovenia; Member, Research Committee on Political finance and Political Corruption, International Political Science Association (IPSA); Member, International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL); Member, American Political Science Association (APSA); Member, Board of Directors, Slovenian Association of Constitutional Law; Member, Editorial Board, Lex Localis, Journal. Awards and Honors: Slovenian Lawyers’ Association ‘Young Lawyer of the Year’ Award (2000).
International Research: UCLA, Los Angeles (2003-2004), Library of Congress, Washington D.C. (1998 & 2002), Georgetown University, Washington D.C. (2002), Oxford University, Oxford (2001), Central European University, Budapest (1999-2000 & 2001).
Research Interests: Constitutional law, Elections, Campaign finance issues, European Court of Human Rights, Voting rights.

Major Publications

Smilov, Daniel and Jurij Toplak (eds.). Political Finance and Corruption in Eastern Europe, London: Ashgate, 2007.

Toplak, Jurij. Party funding in Slovenia. In: Smilov and Toplak (eds.). Political finance and corruption in Eastern Europe. Aldershot: Ashgate; Burlington: Ashgate, 2007

Toplak, Jurij. Equal Voting Weight for All. Temple Law Review, 1/2008 (Forthcoming).

Toplak, Jurij. Party funding and corruption in Balkan countries : the cases of Slovenia and Croatia. In: Transparency Bulgaria (ed.).

Party and election campaign financing in Southeastern Europe. Sofia, 2004.

Toplak, Jurij. Parteienfinanzierung in Slowenien und Kroatien. Suedosteuropa Mitteilungen, 2004.

Toplak, Jurij. Parliamentary Elections in Slovenia, 2004. Electoral Studies, 2006.

Toplak, Jurij. In defense of automated districting: a comparative study of redistricting procedures and gerrymandering prevention measures. Boca Raton FL, 2005.