Life President
Telephone: +49-221-3820-912 Mailing address: 10, Mankhauser St in Solingen, ZIP D-42699, GERMANY Email:

M.B.A.: University of Cologne, 1965;
Ph.D.: University of Cologne, 1967.
Carl von Ossietzky University: Professor 1975, Professor Emeritus 2008.
Other Appointments: Visiting Professor, University of Salzburg, AUSTRIA (1982).
Professor of Economics, Sozialakademie Dortmund (1972 - 1975).
Memberships and Fellowships: Research Committee on Political Finance and Political Corruption, International Political Science Association (IPSA), Life President (since 2006); Secretary (2000 – 2006); Chair (1994 – 2000); Member of the Board (1985 – 2006); Life member, American Political Science Association; Presidential Commission of Experts on Party Financing, Member (1995 – 1999); Commission of Inquiry on Local Government Reform, State Legislature of Lower Saxony, Expert Member (1991 – 1994).
Awards and Honors: Federal Service Cross, First Class, Federal Republic of Germany (2002).
Research Interests: Political Systems of Liberal Democracies; Political Parties in Comparative Perspective; Party and Campaign Finance; Economic Policy.
Courses: Graduate Level: Comparing Political Systems (Democracies); Political Systems of Consociational and Majoritarian Democracies (Austria, Belgium, Israel, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, the U.K. and the U.S.); Political Reform in France, Italy and Japan; Economic Policy in Germany and the U.K.; Political Parties in Western Democracies; Funding of Political Parties (in Germany, in comparison) Undergraduate Level: Introduction to Political Science, Introduction to International Relations, Political Theory of Constitutional Government, Political System(s) of Germany and the European Union, Comparative Government, Political Parties and Social Movements, Electoral Behaviour, Municipal Politics (incl. Polity and Policies).

Research Projects

Funding of Party Competition (Political Finance in 24 Democracies); Economic Policy in the U.K.; Popular Capitalism (Die Volksaktie).

Major Publications

The Political System of Austria – Grand Coalition or Alternative Government? (Cologne: Westdeutscher Verlag, 1968), 243 p. (in German).

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