Board Member
Telephone: 972-2-588-3164
Mailing address: Department of Political Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 91905 Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Email: msmh@mscc.huji.ac.il

Associate Professor, Political Science.
Ph.D.: The Hebrew University, 1990.
Hebrew University: Lecturer, 1990; Senior Lecturer, 1995; Associate Professor 2006
Other Appointments: Visiting Lecturer: University of California at Irvine (1989-1990); Fellow: Center of the Study of Law and Society, University of California at Berkeley (1997-1998); Distinguished Israeli Professor in Residence, San Francisco State University (1998); Visiting Professor, University of Florida (2002-2003).
Memberships and Fellowships: Chair, Research Committee on Political finance and Political Corruption, International Political Science Association (IPSA); Chair, Israeli Law and Society Association (ILSA); Member,Board of Directors, Association for Israel Studies (AIS); Member, Editorial Board, Law and Policy.
Awards and Honors: Arthur Ruppin Award for the Best Book in Social Sciences (1992); Israeli Association for Parliamentry Affairs Award (1992).

Research Interests:

Constitutional Politics in Israel;
Campaign Finance;
Democracy, Law and National Security

Major Publications

Israel - Security Needs Vs. the Rule of Law -1948-1991, (Jerusalem: Nevo Publishing House, 1991), 391 p. (in Hebrew).

Democracy, Law and National Security in Israel. (Aldershot: Dartmouth Publishing Co., 1996), 336 p.

“Public Financing, Party Membership and internal Party Competition", European Journal of Political Research, vol. 29, 1996, pp. 73-86.

"The Unintended Consequences of Unplanned Legislative Reform: Constitutional Politics in Israel", American Journal of Comparative Law, vol. 44, 1996, pp. 585-604.

"Israeli Constitutional Politics: The Fragility of Impartiality," Israel Affairs, vol. 5(2-3), 1999.

Dotan Yoav & Menachem Hofnung, "Legal Defeats - Political Wins: Why Do Elected Representatives Go to Court?". Comparative Political Studies, vol. 38(1), 2005, pp. 75-103.

"Financing Internal Party Races in non-Majoritarian Political Systems: Lessons from the Israeli Experience", Election Law Journal, vol. 5(4), 2006, pp. 372-383.

Protest and Butter: the Black Panthers Demonstrations and Allocations for Social Needs, (Jerusalem: Nevo Publishing House, 2006) (in Hebrew).

Hillel Frisch & Menachem Hofnung, "Power or Justice? Rule and Law in the Palestinian Authority", Journal of Peace Research, vol. 44(3), 2007, pp. 331-348.

Menachem Hofnung (2008). Unaccounted Competition: The Finance of Intra-Party Elections. Party Politics 14(6), pp. 726-744.