Dear RC members,

It was wonderful to see you in Madrid. As we held our business meeting on Thursday, just before closing, when many were already on their way home (or to vacation) I promised to repeat the main points made in the meeting in writing. The main points we raised were :

1. Next meeting We will hold the next meeting in Paris ,France , July 9-11 , 2013. The meeting will be held under the auspices of the French Political Science Association (AFSP) . The forms will be sent online later on this year or early next year, and we shall issue the call for papers in conjunction with them. At that time we will also come up with a list of hotels etc , but pensions are probably the more authentic and cheaper alternative. I am sure that Eric Phelippau, our can-do man in Paris , will be glad to answer any queries you may have . His email address is

2. Publications opportunities We have several venues who had turned to us for contributions . a. Studies of Changing Societies ( is planning to dedicate several issues to corruption and would appreciate contributions sent to the above address , or directly to its editor Olga Guzhva, who those who had attended our Madrid business meeting will remember . Her address is b. the online journal Eunomia publishes in Spanish OR English, with focus on public morals and corruption. Please send contributions to its editor , our own Fernando Jimenez at . C. Revista Latinoamericana de Política Comparada is dedicated to comparative politics and has a special interest in both political finance and corruption papers, in English OR Spanish. Please send any communications to the editor, Sebastian mantilla, at d. on assumption of sufficient interest , I will be happy to edit a volume on behalf of RC 20. Sometime in September , will be sending a general email with particulars of the subject and a call for declaration of interest + synopsis that would allow me to verify that we do have a working proposition. The RC 20 volume based on papers delivered in Ljubljana is slated to be published by Lexington books in September.

3. I myself enclose my paper in Madrid . It attempts to bridge the two sides of the coin we are engaged with , and I hope to read any comments and /or protests you may have . My own email is but you are especially welcome to send all such communications to our editor , Magnus Ohman , at This is also an invitation to send him your own papers (because of copyright issues, only such that had been already published or offered in the conference ) and any news that could interest us all. This is an hitherto underexploited resource and we should use it.

I look forward to hearing from you once more . Jonathan Mendilow , Chair , RC 20 .