Dear Colleagues,

RC 20 is inviting chapter contributions to a book primary-but not exclusively - based on our conference Prague, July 2022. The tentative title of the book is PERSPECTIVES ON POLITICAL CORRUPTION IN THE AGE OF CRISIS. The point of departure Will be that we live today in a world facing unusual number of serious problems that often feed on each other—authoritarian challenges from within Liberal Democracies concerning their very nature (e.g. Trump in the USA ), the emergence of new forms of Illiberal Democracy in numerous countries, an ecological challenge to which humanity does not seem to have effective response, aggressive wars (Ukraine) or potential wars (Taiwan?), the emergence of populist regimes, and more.

We would like to receive chapter proposals that are connected in one way or another to this set of global problems (one angle would certainly be that of political finance, thereby linking the double focus of our RC). Articles could be general but also case studies of one or more countries.

If you are interested in submitting a chapter, please send me a note with the proposed title, and 1-3 paragraphs explaining what you propose to do. If you want to discuss the possibility of writing a chapter or wish to exchange views on it, please feel free to write as well.

 Please send to Jonathan Mendilow --

We would appreciate hearing from all of you as soon as feasible. Once we get all your responses, we will be in touch with the actual submission date, the format of the papers, etc.

Yours, Jonathan.